HKUST Admissions 2024 - International Qualifications


We award academic and non-academic scholarships to outstanding students on competitive merit basis. These awards range from one-of to full scholarship with living allowance, renewable.

Academic Admissions Scholarships HKUST ofers academic scholarships for students with diferent academic backgrounds.

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No separate application is required.

Scholarships for International/ Asian Olympiad Medalists The University honors outstanding International/ Asian Olympiad Medalists.

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Beyond Academic Admissions Scholarship (BAAS) Students with achievement in non-academic areas will be considered for this scholarship

Separate application is required.

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Student Athletes Admissions Scheme (SAAS) (For local students only) Through SAAS, student athletes can pursue their sporting dreams while still receiving a quality education with ample support.

Separate application is required.

~3,000 scholarships were awarded in the 2022/23 academic year.

More scholarships available after admissions


NON-LOCAL STUDENTS # HKD170,000 (~USD21,800) per academic year HKD17,812 - HKD29,200 (~USD2,290 - USD3,750) per residential year


HKD42,100 (~USD5,400) per academic year

TUITION FEE ^ ACCOMMODATIONS * University-provided Accommodation (excl. meals, air-conditioning and laundry charges) PERSONAL EXPENSES

HKD13,769 - HKD22,199 (~USD1,765 - USD2,846) per residential year

~HKD50,000 (~USD6,410) per academic year HKD105,869 - HKD114,299 (~USD13,575 - USD14,656) per academic year

HKD237,812 - HKD249,200 (~USD30,500 - USD31,960) per academic year


^ The Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management is a ive-year program. The tuition fee for the ifth year is HKD60,000 p.a. for local students and HKD170,000 p.a. for non-local students for 2024/2025 intake. (subject to change) * Local students are provided with at least one term of university accommodation in their irst year of study in HKUST upon completion of applications. Non-local students are provided with university accommodation in their irst two years of study in HKUST. It is possible that students may not have university accomondation in Year 3&4. Students are advised to plan ahead to arrange of-campus accommodation thereafter and should expect to pay HKD4,000 - 6,000 (~USD510 - USD770) per month to cover their accommodation costs. For full details, please visit # Non-local students refer to students holding: 1. a student visa/ entry permit; or 2. a visa/ entry permit under the Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates; or 3. a dependent visa/ entry permit who were 18 years old or above when they were issued with such visa/ entry permit by the Director of Immigration. Information provided in this pamphlet is as of September 2023. HKUST reserves the rights to change the content without prior notice.

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