School of Humanities and Social Science



The knowledge I learned in SHSS provided me with a strong foundation for delving deeper into economics in Waseda. The Dual Degreeprogramalsoallowedme toenrich my knowledge with real life experience. Lily LIN (GCS, Class of 2019) Waseda: BA in Economics

The Dual Degree Program is a collaboration between HKUST and Waseda University. Selected applicants will commence their study at Waseda in the Fall term of their fourth year of study and will stay in Japan for 1.5-2 years. After a total of 4.5-5 years of study in HKUST and Waseda, students will earn a BA degree awarded by Waseda in addition to obtaining the BSc degree issued by HKUST.

The Student Ambassador Scheme nurtures future leaders and enriches students’ personal connections through recruitment activities and School-level events. Student Ambassadors gain experience with event management and organisation under the School’s support.

With the generous support of Mr. Liu Sing Cheong, a sponsorship for SHSS has been established to support overseas learning experiences. The Sponsorship is designed to provide financial support to undergraduates in GCS and QSA who are engaged in learning opportunities outside Hong Kong.

UROP deepened my understanding of Social Network Analysis and broadened the range of topics I could explore in social science research. Hojun LEE (QSA, Class of 2020)

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program provides students with invaluable academic research experience and engagements under the guidance and supervision of the University’s faculty members.

I have been able to engage in a one-of-a-kind opportunity, allowing me to sharpen my analytical skills and apply what I have learned in my studies. Fernando GARCIA ALBERO (GCS, Class of 2020) Internship at New York State Assembly Office

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