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GCS allows students to study a wide range of subjects and at the same time specialise in certain areas. It offers many opportunities for international exposure due to its reputation and connections with other overseas universities. The low student-to-faculty ratio means that I have many chances to talk with professors after class. Kelly CHEUNG (GCS, Class of 2019) SHSS Dean’s Scholarship Ng Hong Mun Educational Foundation Outstanding Student Scholarship

BSc in Global China Studies The BSc program in Global China Studies equips students with a unique portfolio of knowledge about China with a global outlook. This is achieved through a multi- and interdisciplinary curriculum in humanities and social science, and through training in comparative and advanced research methods. The program ensures that students acquire systematic and


After the first year of foundational classes, students select one of two tracks: Social Science or Integrated Humanities & Social Science. There are ample free elective credits for students to develop their own study paths with flexibility. Students receive language training in both English and Chinese to develop the high-level communication skills that are essential for leadership. In their final year, all students complete a capstone project or honors thesis.

broad-based knowledge about China and its place in the modern world, while at the same time deepening their inquiry through focused tracks of study. The skills and capabilities learned in the programmake our graduates suitable for positions

Integrated Humanities & Social Science

in government, business, education, community organizations, media, and cultural institutions.

Diversity 10+ nationalities

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Environment, Economy & Globalization

Heritage, Community & Identity

Political & Social Change

Literature, Communication & Media

Students are also welcome to take additional major(s) or dual degree studies from other Schools. MAJOR MINOR

Language Multilingual training

· Anthropology · Creative Arts · History · Linguistics · Literature · Music · Philosophy · Religion Humanities

Social Science · Demography · Economics · Political Science

Social Science

Research Capstone project in final year

· Psychology · Quantitative History · Sociology

Students may choose to enhance their learning experiences through enrolling in different minor programs offered by other Schools.

Economy, Politics & Society

Sustainability, Technology & Public Policy

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