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BSc in Quantitative Social Analysis The BSc program in Quantitative Social Analysis prepares students for the rapidly growing number of positions in business, government, and the non-profit sector that involve the analysis of social data. The program emphasizes a balanced training in social science and quantitative analysis, with the intent of producing a well-rounded graduate. Students learn how to apply quantitative methods in a way that accounts for the unique challenges associated with the analysis of social data. To complement methodological training, students take courses in sociology, economics, political science, and public policy according to their interests.

MAJOR Required

Practicum Research experience or internship

Social Science Mathematics Language

Computer Science


Quantitative Methodology

Research Proseminar Develop a topic for the capstone project

Topical 15 credits of SOSC electives

Methodological · Social Science · Mathematics · Others

I have always had a passion for understanding the underlying principles of how the world works, and I am glad that I can do so by making sense of real-life data now. Brian CHAN (QSA, Class of 2021)

Capstone Research Project Execute a project and present results

MINOR Students may choose to enhance their learning experiences through enrolling in different minor programs offered by other Schools.

Data Management

Social Science Theory & Evidence

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships 2019 Awardee

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